Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the Nepali people who suffer from disabilities of all types.  We have a special mission to help the children of parents with disabilities, as they are the future of Nepal. Furthermore, we are called to operate in the remote villages of Nepal where very few organizations go.

What We've Achieved

  • Provided occupational therapy to children with cerebral palsy in the Solu Region.
  • Distributed wheel chairs to paraplegics in the Terai Region.
  • Provided medication and medical supplies to Rehabilitation Empowerment and Development-Nepal (READ Nepal).
  • Provided daily kidney dialysis and medication to those suffering from leprosy disabilities.
  • Assisted in a treatable blindness cataract surgery camp in the Solu Region.
  • Conducted health and education camps in the Terai Region. 
  • Assisted in Nepal's first exchange student in going to college in the United States.
  • Provided dental care to children from leprosy affected parents.
  • Empowered those with leprosy by leading an expedition of leprosy affected persons to the top of 18,700 foot Yala Peak in Himalaya's of Nepal.