Another Massive Earthquake Today



Thank you everyone for your concern with another massive quake in Nepal today. Curtis and I rode it out while delivering 8000 lbs of food to a very remote village that has received zero aid so far. We were on a narrow dirt road hugging the side of the mountain, while riding in a dump truck loaded rice, food, and 10 Nepali soldiers locked and loaded for our protection because of desperate people mobbing our truck.

We witnessed 6 houses collapse right in front of us and massive landslides coming down in every direction around us. I dove out of the truck immediately as villagers ran up and down the road screaming. This was my most dangerous mission to date, but hugely successful. It took us 16 hours to make the journey, and we survived. Thank you all for your thoughts and support. I will post photos and a more detailed account of a day that distributed about 20 lbs of food each, to 750 remote families. This village area had 23 deaths
and 150 injuries from the quake 17 days ago.

Please keep the  the US Marines in your thoughts. They just lost a helicopter which is still missing as of 2 hours ago. Thank you all for your positive energy for the HAND team and the Nepali people in this devastating time. I have never seen so much human suffering, than what I saw today. We don't know the death toll from today, but we expect it in the hundreds. We know of 54 killed just in one
district. Our front yard is a refugee camp with dozens of Nepalis sleeping on the open ground.

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