Dolahka Mission


Curtis, Brian, two paramedics from Singapore and Japan, as Uttam, gave today’s mission to Dolakha near the Tibetan border a valiant effort.  But once again we were at the epicenter of another 5.7 earthquake in the middle of it.  There were thousands of landslides that came down and many went over the road.  Rocks the size of busses lay on the road from the mountains high above.  On top of that, they were hammered by severe thunderstorms with nickel sized hail.

They spent quite a bit of time with the Nepal military.  Their intel is that there is a bus with 16 people just up the road, crushed by rocks with the people still inside from Tuesday’s quake.  All told there are at least 30 bodies that Brian needs to recover, but with the loss of some 30 Americans, plus the US Marines (the crashed helicopter was just above us) the military leadership are playing it safe and asking that Brian is granted permission directly from the Minister of Security in Kathmandu tomorrow morning before proceeding.  In addition scores are injured and trapped above the large landslide that took out the bus and road.

In all they spent 11 hours on narrow Himalayan roads today at the 8400 foot level.

If all goes well tomorrow, Brian will load onto a Nepal military helicopter in Kathmandu in the morning for a remote drop back near the Tibetan border where I can get to work.  Brian has requested 4 Nepali soldiers locked and loaded as my team.

They are not used to US Marine Osprey’s flying overhead in the mountains.  That is something that you don’t see on a normal day…

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