Successful trip to Rautbesi

The following are two reports from Amber and Tendi on the most recent trip to Rautbesi. It was a very successful trip

Tendi Sherpa

Just got home after an adventurous relief missions to the Rautbesi VDC of Nuwakot district. Our team of HAND been up this village yesterday and we distributed rice, lentils, salts and oils to the peoples of 9 different villages in Rautbesi VDC, and plus we set up two big birthing tents as the hospital was badly damaged by the earthquake which receives and treats thousands of patients every year. 
Thanks to whole HAND team for wonderful team work.

Amber Shields

The start of our trip yesterday started at 7am. We loaded up and headed out. It was a very long trip. We had to take some more nurses up to Nuwakot. They got the birth room set up there which took many hours. By the time we got there it was getting late. We dropped off 120 bags of 30kg bags of rice. We also dropped off oil, salt, and Dal. Fed 9 wards that are within the VDC, 240 families. Then set up the birth tents. The towns people fed us a great dinner. During the night a major monsoon hit during the middle of the night. Brian and I were in his tent so we slept all night and stayed dry. The others got wet and had to get up to dig trenches. In the morning we found the town midwife who has done 200 deliveries in the past 2 years. We gave her the birth kits (50 of them), and other supplies. Got a list of other items she needs. Will send it up next week. They're using what we did in there village as a model of what to do in other remote regions. We're planning on another trip this week.

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