8th and Final Mission (with Brian) Planning Update...

We are preparing for our next mission to Nuwakot.  This will be Brian's 8th and final mission before he leave's Nepal on Friday. 

Brian's past three days have mostly been spent with Raj, Marie and Abhishek.  Brian has been working with Marie on taking the next step for a nursing program and they visited the GED/TOEFL office yesterday to get more details.

Last night, the team said goodbye to Anita, who is leaving Nepal today for India and has been a great friend and team member.  We also added Cristine from the Philippines who has been helping to care for Raj and will be joining our next mission to Nuwakot to build another baby delivery center.  Our tents arrived last night.

As an organization, Brian would like to enroll Marie into the GED program before he leaves.  It is a 3 month course. Brian will present this initiative  to the board.  The option we looked at yesterday would cost $750.  It includes the enrollment fee, classes, testing fee and books.  She would go to class 2 hours per day, 6 days a week for 3 months, and then test.  Marie's best chance of nursing school is to get straight A's in her first year of community college, then apply for the nursing program.  It is very competitive and they only select about 10% of the applicants.  She needs a year of 4.0 college level work before applying.

We continue to work these areas as Brian prepares to leave Nepal with a return trip tentatively scheduled for the fall.

We continue to work to make a difference in small ways in the lives of those in Nepal.