A post on Rautbesi

Mission accomplished in Rautbesi! This is baby number two, born in the HAND/MIDSON/GOP birth tent! Three weeks ago, there was no place for the 78 currently pregnant women to give birth, after their VDC health post was completely destroyed in the earthquake. Amber Shields was critical to this mission by providing both medical supplies brought from the USA and training to the local nurse.

Curtis Gt, Tendi Sherpa, Eric Warren Moffet, Robin Keunen, Laxmi Tamang, Daniel Tamang, Reji Tamang all provided amazing teamwork in our mission to save the babies. Curtis, Laxmi and I had the honor of doing two food supply missions to Rautbesi. In total we provided 16,000 lbs of rice, dhal, oil and salt in addition to the birthing tent and medical supplies.