More information on the Sindapolchok trip that leaves tomorrow

The following is an email from Brian with the details of the Sindapolchok trip scheduled for Wed.

Our plan is to leave fairly early on Wednesday morning, and return late evening on Thursday.  We are currently working on taking two Land Rovers which will pick us up at the flat. We expect the drive to take 5 hours each way.  Three hours will be on paved roads, the final two hours are really rough 4x4 roads.  The upper VDC takes an additional two hours to reach after reaching the lower VDC.  One team will work on the birthing tents in the lower VDC, while the second team continues to the upper to build and dig out public toilets.  We will all sleep in the upper VDC area about 8000 feet in elevation.

 Our mission plan is to take 10 toilet pieces to build public toilets in the Ichoke VDC, two labor and delivery tents and enough water purification to get them through the monsoon.  I am currently working on water purification for the entire Sindhapalchowk region, but that part will be stage two.  I am also working with an agriculture specialist to put together a long-term agriculture sustainability project which will bring the VDC into economic stability.  That part will be a second trip as well, after collecting more data from this trip.

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