Report on the Sindapolchok mission

The following is a report from Amber on the most recent HAND mission


Most amazing trip. The bumpiest ride I've ever had. Left early yesterday to head to Ichok and Solsing village. 4 hour drive to put up the birth tents. 1st we stopped at a clinic on the way. They're over whelmed. Seeing 250 patients a day. 2 Dr's, 1 health assistant. Also a labor and delivery. I got to see it and the midwife told me her delivery light was broken. We continued on to postpartum (in a tent). I was asking the midwife if she'd ever thought to use a head lamp. She hadn't. So I ran to the jeep and grabbed mine. I took it to her showed her how to use it then continued on the tour. Next thing I know, Laxmi Tamang got me to tell me there was a quick delivery. She got to use the light and was so happy! Thanks to my cousin John Alden for the idea! Then we continued onto put up the birth tents. After we got most of it done we had to head up the mountain. 2 hours drive on the worst road I've ever been on. Long story short, one truck took 4 hours. In the morning we started to dig the toilets. We showed them how do it and left the supplies for 9 more. Laxmi and I hiked up about 1000 vertical feet (they told us just a small walk) to drop off more birth equipment. Had tea and walked back down to the rest of the team. Then drove to the school where our other car was and found out the clutch went out. Curtis Gt had to drive due to the driver being too scared. Back down to the lower village to finish the birth tents while the other jeep got fixed. Another 3 hours drive and we arrived. 

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