On to Dolahka...

Hello Everyone,

Brian just returned from the Ministry of Homeland with a signed and sealed
letter giving him permission to work directly with the Nepal Army doing body
recovery in Dolakha!  Now that all of the paths have been cleared, the next
step is to get back to Dolakha.  We are asking for a military helicopter that Brian can take out of Kathmandu for the mountains.  Brian's bags are packed, and he is ready to deploy.  The final logistical step will be embedding Brian into the Nepal Army.  He just got a
report that there may be some 40 bodies that he needs to recover; in a
severely decomposed state.  Things are going to move quickly now.  He may
lose touch for a few days but we will do everything we can to keep the updates coming.

Posted for Brian by Matt E. Please consider a tax free donation to HAND