The work continues because of you!

Brian, Curtis, and team continue to work to reach the remote villages. As they seek approval to conduct body recovery and support Dolahka, they continue to plan for another trip to Routbesi (where they provided needed supplies a few days ago). They will be deploying in a few days to build the labor and delivery area and provide needed medical services. This work is critically important to Routbesi as there are over 70 pregnant women that need a clean and safe place to deliver. Brian, Curtis and team continue to make in country contacts which are helping cut through the red tape and get the HAND team where they need to go to help remote villages without any support. This is important work and needed as we provide assistance. Your donations and support have been critical to this. We want to acknowledge all the love and support we have received since the inception of our organization and particularly, over the past few weeks. You are what makes HAND and the work we do possible. Your gifts, outpouring of support, and using your talents to support us is inspiring. We are able to change lives in Nepal because of you. You make the work of HAND possible, so thank you for all you do.