HAND shifts focus from recovering bodies to saving babies


From Brian Smith, Executive Director of HAND


I am so proud of my sister Amber. She set off on her first mission today to save the babies. Our HAND baby mission is in partnership with Midwifery Society of Nepal and Global Orphan Prevention. Amber is our labor and delivery nurse from HAND.

Laxmi called me last night and said “can Amber be a part of our team going to the remote mountain region of Nuwakot tomorrow?” I said “she can’t wait to go!”
We arrived at 8:20am and loaded the trucks with baby supplies from UNICEF. She climbed right into the back of the truck with three Nepali nurses. 

The mission is to deploy 3 Nepali nurses each, into 4 remote regions devastated by the quakes for the next three months to deliver all of the babies that are born during the monsoon season when they are often cut off from the outside world. Amber will be setting up the nurses and doing some last minute training as they unpack their supplies. It is a 12 hour narrow mountain drive roundtrip. I expect her back in Kathmandu about midnight.

We had a pretty long aftershock a few minutes ago in Kathmandu. I lasted for about 30 seconds. It has been a few days since our last one, but that is the longest one in a while. The earth is still moving in Nepal.


Posted by Matt E for Brian Smith. Please consider a tax free donation to HAND