Bringing nurses supplies in remote regions

The following is a post by Amber Shields, HAND Volunteer, and nurse.

Today was a busy day. Off to the mountains (hills to the Nepali) to drop off the nurses for the birth center. It was about 5 hours drive one way. We rode in the back of the truck. Stopped for lunch then continued on. Absolute destruction. We made it up there and a meeting was in progress with many different groups to bring info together to see how to help the people of that region. They are some of the hardest hit. Unloaded the items for the nurses, then got them settled. While we were doing that our hired driver left without Laxmi and me. We had to walk down to the village to catch a minibus. Two of them, a big local bus and then a motorbike ride later I arrived back at our flat which has become HAND central for our trip thanks to Curtis.

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